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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions… with answers! Its purpose is to provide good answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our customers about SNAP Health Center. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.





What does SNAP Health Center Records include?
SNAP Health Center Records suite includes the following SIF compliant modules: Visit Log, Medication Log, Immunizations and Screenings. However, any module may be purchased separately or in any combination to best suit your needs. Click here to view the different SNAP Health Center modules.

Can I order one module now and add additional modules in the future?
Absolutely, and activating additional module purchases can be done with a click of the mouse, no additional installation is required.

How many students can this software support? Is there a charge per student?
SNAP Health Center does not charge based on the number of students in your school or district. The number of students that SNAP can accommodate is unlimited. Click here for to view the system requirements.

How is a SNAP Health Center Network licensed?
Call to speak with a PSNI sales representative to find out the best licensing setup for your school district.

Is support included when I purchase my software?
Technical and nursing telephone support for the current school year is included with your SNAP Health Center purchase. After the first year, you can purchase support for a low annual fee. SNAP support includes toll-free telephone technical support, program updates and upgrades, annual state-specific immunization requirement downloads and quarterly updates to the drug database. If you choose not to renew your support, you will not have access to the above services.

Is training available?
SNAP Health Center is very user-friendly. However, PSNI offers various types of training courses to quickly familiarize a new user to their new software or, for the experienced user, how to utilize some of the more advanced program features. Click here for more information on the various training types.

Can I purchase this software with my credit card?
PSNI does not accept credit card payments. Once we receive your school district’s signed purchase order or payment in full we will ship your product. Please make checks payable to PSNI.

What is your return policy?
Any product purchased from PSNI can be returned for a full refund within 60 days of purchase (excluding shipping charges). After 60 days there are no refunds.

Can I order a trial version of the software to see if I actually want to purchase it?
Contact PSNI for details.

How much does shipping & handling cost?
Shipping and Handling is $25.00 per destination in the continental U.S. Please call our sale department for expedited or international shipping rates.

What does SNAP stand for?
SNAP Stands for:


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How can this software increase my productivity?
SNAP Health Center allows you to organize, process and analyze your student health information in ways that are not possible using paper records. For example, the Report feature allows you to quickly summarize student information, identify health trends and compile information for district and state reports. The form letter feature generates professional communications from the health office and saves a copy in the student’s health record. The Immunization module calculates student compliance to meet your specific state requirements. These are just few examples of how SNAP can help you stream-line your health clinic!

Is this software HIPAA and FERPA compliant?
SNAP Health Center meets and exceeds all HIPAA and FERPA requirements. HIPAA compliance is achieved by automatically auditing all edits to student medical data thus preventing any unauthorized changes. Also, access to the program is limited by requiring each user to sign in with a unique user name and password. User accounts are maintained by the system administrator and can be assigned a variety of security levels allowing or denying access to each of the 26 functional areas of the program. FERPA compliance is met by automatically tracking all access and edits to student health records.

Is a drug reference library included with my software package?
SNAP Health Center version 4.0.0 and higher has integrated the Mosby™ drug database into the SNAP Medication Log to provide you, with a click of the mouse, the most current and reliable drug identification and side effect information available.

Is NANDA included with the purchase of SNAP Health Center?
SNAP Health Center version 4.0.3 and higher include the NANDA diagnosis library for use in the Visit Log and in the IHP module.

May I create individual student health care plans (IHPs) using this software?
The SNAP Health Center IHP module is now available for purchase. With this new tool, you will be able to create and store customized, printable IHPs in student health records. The import/export feature will also allow you to share your IHP templates with other SNAP users- a feature no other school health software package currently offers. This module may be purchased as an optional program add-on to SNAP Health Center.

Can I print my state’s monthly DPH report using the information I enter into this software?
SNAP Health Center’s robust report generator allows users to generate the statistics needed to complete district and state DPH reports. For an additional fee, PSNI can create a custom report tailored specifically to your district or state’s report requirements. Call our sales department for additional details.

Can I bill Medicaid with this software program?
SNAP Health Center includes a billing feature that allows users to document billable time during student visits and med administrations. This information may then be used to print bills using the Medicaid HCFA 1500 form or generate a report to be given to a third party billing service.

How do I register for a training class?
To register for a SNAP Health Center web-based or Conference Center training class, fax a signed purchased order to (603) 672-0033 (please make all PO’s payable to PSNI). Then, fill out the registration form on our Request page. All training confirmations are sent via email once your purchase order is received. Please call PSNI if you have any additional questions about registration or classes.

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What are the minimum system requirements?
To view the most current system requirements for SNAP Health Center click here.

Can SNAP Health Center run on a Macintosh computer?
Apple computers running Mac OS X version 10.2.3 or later can access SNAP Health Center running on a Windows Server 2003/2000.

How much disk space is required per student?
SNAP Health Center requires an average of 50KB per student. PSNI has designed a database that has very little redundant stored data- data is stored once but accessed where it is needed.

Can all of the schools in our district be networked together?
Yes. Our SNAP Health Center networked version uses a single database to house data for multiple schools and allows for multiple simultaneous users.

What type of backup system is there?
SNAP Health Center has two ways to backup and secure your data. First, there is a backup system that generates an automatic backup of the current year’s data as users exit the program at the end of the day. In client/server systems this backup is sent to the server for tape backup at night and in standalone systems it is sent to the computer's hard drive. Second, since data files can be damaged by computer viruses and hardware failures, we provide a means to manually backup your data files. To ensure this data is kept safe, we recommend that you back up your data files to a tape or CD at least once a week and store them off-site.

Is a data import utility included with the purchase of this software?
Yes. Included with the purchase of SNAP Health Center, is a separate import program called Express. Express allows student data stored in the administrative software program to be imported into SNAP. This is a manual update- not an automatic one. Express can be used to create new SNAP records or update existing ones. Over 100 data fields including studentí»s name, address, phone number, date of birth, grade, teacher, gender, immunizations, alerts, emergency contacts, etc are accepted. The import file must be a standard ASCII delimited file. The delimiter can be either comma or tab. This is a standard CSV output format from programs such as Microsoft EXCEL.

Is an automatic data import utility included with the purchase of SNAP Health Center?
Yes. When you purchase SNAP Health Center you also receive licensing for either SNAP Live². SNAP Live² will connect SNAP to any ODBC compliant database to automatically update specified fields once a day. Or it can read from CSV or delimited text files. PSNI has also partnered with several administrative school software companies to create an Active Link with SNAP Health Center. This link connects the two programs and automatically imports new student data into SNAP at regular, timed intervals. Call to speak with a PSNI sales representative to find if we provide an active link that is compatible with your administrative software system.

Do you offer a web-based version of SNAP Health Center?
We currently offer a web-enabled version (not a web-based version) of the software using a second piece of software called IDS-Links. With the web enabled version you can access SNAP Health Center from any computer with a web browser, including Mac.

Is SNAP Health Center compatible with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise?
The version of SQL Server that we ship as part of our installer is SQL2008r2 Express; however, our database can reside on a SQL 2008 Enterprise server.

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