With more than 10,000 loyal customers worldwide, we must be doing something right. Actually, a whole lot of somethings, and no one says it better than our customers. What sets us apart from other school health software providers?
Here are some of our key differentiators.

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Designed with Nurses' Needs in Mind

PSNI was founded by a school nurse and is staffed with full-time RN’s. We know what school nurses need, how they think, and how they work. As a result, we’ve designed our award-winning SNAP Health Center software to be extremely easy to use, with an intuitive, one-click design that follows the workflow a school nurse experiences every day. This saves time and improves the accuracy of information— leading to better care.

POWERFUL, TIME-SAVING RESOURCES are just a click away from any screen, such as templates, form letters, and the latest edition of Mosby’s Nursing Drug Reference Guide.

OPTIONAL ADD-ON SERVICES eliminate the burden of double documentation for Medicaid billing, automatically import data from your state immunization registry directly into your EHR, and allow you to connect with parents online through a secure web portal.

Nearly three-fourths of school nurses who use SNAP Health Center say they save an hour or more per day in visit documentation alone.



Easy to Implement and Manage

It’s not just school nurses who love our software. District IT staff appreciate how easy our award-winning SNAP Health Center software is to implement and manage:

SECURE CLOUD HOSTING service gives you reliable, 24-7 access to critical health information for everyone who needs it— without the hassle and expense of site-based hosting and support.

SIS STUDENT DATA IMPORT SERVICE lets you seamlessly import data from any student information system, making initial setup a breeze.

STREAMLINED IMPLEMENTATION process allows you to get up and running quickly and easily.


Superior Customer Service and Support

One of the many reasons SNAP Health Center was named a Readers’ Choice Award winner from eSchool Media is the quality of our service and support. We always put our customers first— and they’ve shown their appreciation by making us the No. 1 provider of school health software.

UNLIMITED TECHNICAL SUPPORT via phone, email and remote technical assistance is included with your SNAP Health Center subscription— and we never outsource our tech support.

NURSE-CENTERED TRAINING is offered in whatever format is most convenient for you, including online trainings or in-person training either on-site or in our offices.

EHR DATA CONVERSIONS from competitive EHR providers is easy: we’ll help you move your data at no additional cost.



An Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

Our experience truly sets us apart from the competition. Founded in 1992 by school nurse Sharon Redes, PSNI is a pioneer in school health software. As a privately held and nurse run company, we have no investors or third parties to satisfy, allowing us to focus on new developments in health informatics technology and delivering a top-notch experience for our customers.

WE EMPLOY FULL-TIME REGISTERED NURSES with decades of experience in school health settings, as well as experienced engineers and software developers— combining medical expertise and cutting-edge technology to give school nurses the tools they need to work effectively and efficiently.

PSNI VICE PRESIDENT OF NURSING INFORMATICS is a wholly unique role which allows us to constantly monitor the industry, and participate in related professional organizations, allowing us to stay in-the-know and ahead of the curve.

INVESTING IN A PRIVATE CLOUD was a critical business decision that has allowed us greater levels of control and security, making it ideal for districts that are subject to strict regulations and governance obligations in regards to student health data.

The Best Privacy Policy in the Industry

We take student privacy very seriously. Unlike some of our competitors, we never sell or share aggregate information with third parties or partners for marketing purposes. We use industry-recognized security standards to safeguard student data, and we’re fully transparent about how this information is handled.

DATA IS NEVER SOLD OR SHARED, including de-identified or aggregated data. Ever.

WE MAINTAIN COMPLETE FERPA AND HIPAA COMPLIANCE, ensuring that data remain protected at all times.

STUDENT PRIVACY PLEDGE- We were the first school health software provider to sign the national Student Privacy Pledge, which promises that student data will be used for educational purposes only.

WE DO NOT ENGAGE IN TARGET MARKETING, and we won’t allow our partners and affiliates to market to your families, either.



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